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Job Assistance is a powerful report and batch job management system that will help users manage their own reporting tasks, set up report and batch job scheduling, and reduce needless and redundant output generated on system printers. With Job Assistance, it is possible to setup a controlled report and batch processing management environment and will reduce the costs of installation and de-installation of production and ad-hoc reporting and job processing.

Job Assistance currently runs on HP/9000 Unix servers and was developed in PowerHouse with CISAM file structures. It can be easily integrated into current application systems with minimal effort.

 Major Features

The following is a summary of the major features of Job Assistance:

For the End-User:
Ability to launch jobs through a menu-based interface.
Provision to easily enter parameters when issuing jobs where applicable (e.g. account code, reporting month, etc.).
  Dynamic redirection of output to any system output device (e.g. printers, email, ftp).
Saving of jobs/output to disk for later viewing/printing.
Banners on output to printers. (optional)
For the Application Developer:
  Ability to easily setup jobs through simple table definitions. Many jobs are defined by a single table entry.
  Automatic handling of error checking and logging.
  Flexibility to insert JCL (shell scripting) into jobs as required.
  Ability to define various job-related defaults that make job setup and issuing easy and flexible.
  Device definitions that allow for coding-free implementation of device independence.
  Job groupings of related jobs that appear together for selection by the User.
  Grouped output from multiple reports to a single output device.
For the System Administrator:
  Fences & queries.
  Automated job cleanup on a schedule.
  Privilaged jobs.
  Advanced user-level security
 Guided Tour & User Manual

Check out the guided tour, it is intended to give a brief overview of Job Assistance and to give the reader a feel for how Job Assistance works. Screen shots of the various parts of Job Assistance are listed along with a brief narrative that describes the purpose or function of the screen.

The tour is laid out to first show the various Job Assistance tables followed be the definition of jobs and then the issuing and reviewing of jobs. The last thing covered is how it is possible to create custom-defined job issuing screens that prompt users for job parameters.

Click here for the JA User Manual in PDF format.