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At Seward Outsourcing Solutions, we are experts with knowledge management technologies. Our services range from solutions consulting to supplemental services such as training.

Seward Consulting offers expertise in a wide variety of tools and technologies, including:

Environments – HP3000, HP9000, VAX, AS400, UNIX/Linux, and Windows

Tools / Technologies – PowerHouse, C#, C/C++, Delphi, Visual Basic, Python, Perl, Java, ASP, Awk, and Unix Shell Scripting, Access, FoxPro, SQL, Flash, .NET, XML, UML, Internet, E-Commerce and Multi-media.

Databases – MS SQL, Oracle, Interbase, TurboImage, Access, FoxPro, ISAM

And would be happy to help your organization by proving expertise in any of the following Services:

Web Design and e-Commerce Services
"Developing for the next generation of Internet and the Intranets"

A well-built web-site will differentiate you from your competition and encourage customers to purchase your products and services. In addition, the inclusion of an e-commerce component will allow customers to purchase your products or services online from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Seward Consulting Ltd. will design a web-site that maximizes your advertising dollars by:

Designing professional, appealing, multi-browser capability, and easy to navigate web sites with the latest technologies.
Providing a team of technical and marketing professionals that will ensure your site delivers high quality content in a manner that is appropriate to your target audience.
Getting your web-site up and running in minimal time by taking advantage of proprietary tools and templates.
Application Support and Maintenance
"Finding a possible solution…"

Emerging technologies, and evolving business processes dictate that many software applications be updated on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to provide value to the business. In addition, staff changes often require that someone be available to answer questions about how software can be used. To complicate matters, in many cases these software applications have been custom written or modified to meet the specialized needs of the business. Supporting and maintaining these custom software applications often requires a significant investment of time and money by the organization. An organization may choose to devote in-house resources to these support and maintenance tasks. However, doing so reduces the time that staff has to research, investigate, and implement new solutions that will further improve business processes, reduce operating costs, and offer future competitive advantages.

One possible solution is to contract third-party individuals or organizations (known as Outsourcing) to assist with the support and maintenance of your existing software applications. Doing so can help an organization ensure that their information processing is performed in a controlled manner while allowing staff time to look to the future.

Seward Consulting Ltd. can assist by:

Offering twenty plus years of expertise in legacy and PC application support and maintenance.
Delivering cost-effective service alternatives that improve the bottom line by reducing or eliminating overhead costs.
Offering flexible service contracts to address your unique requirements. These can include on-site/off-site, full-time/part-time and long-term/short term options.
Exceeding your expectations for Service Level Agreements.

See Migration Services

Database Services
"Design, Construction, Administration and Conversion"
Organizations need to access critical business information quickly, efficiently, and in a manner which produces meaningful data. A hardcopy filing system or spreadsheet solution organizes the information but offers little flexibility and will not compile information or produce useful reports. To meet this vital need database management systems were developed. A database management system is a virtual electronic file cabinet that allows users to add, delete, modify, search (query) and access information instantly from almost anywhere.

A well designed and maintained database is critical to the operation of the software applications and tools that use it. As such, it is vital that the database be designed, constructed and maintained by knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Seward Consulting Ltd can assist by providing:

Expertise in a broad number of PC, mini-computer and mainframe databases.
Modeling and Design – converting business knowledge into a database blueprint that represents the people, places, things and events of the organization
Construction – converting the database blueprint into an efficient, maintainable database using the technologies of your choice
Administration – ensuring that the performance and integrity of your data is maintained
Conversion – creating and populating a new database based on an existing database using the same or different technologies
Business Intelligence and Data-Mining
"To improve the day-to-day business operations..."
Organizations utilize information they’ve collected to determine things like “past sales figures” – but so do their competitors. To fully appreciate the value of the information, an organization will want to consider more advanced business intelligence techniques.

Techniques like data mining will not only identify trends that previously went unnoticed, but also provide a significant competitive advantage by allowing an organization to forecast and predict the future.

Business Intelligence (BI) provides business managers with the imformation they need to do their jobs effectively.

Seward Consulting Ltd can assist by providing:

Expertise in the latest data mining tools and technologies.
Assistance with the selection of data strategies that will serve you best.
Help to develop an understanding of your customers and your organization, within your business data.

If you need to develop a new datamart, our ProtoMart product simplifies the proof of concept process.

Technical Writing
"Reports, manuals, web-pages, and marketing materials"

As today’s technology solutions become more and more complex it is increasingly important to document those technologies in a language that is easily understood by the end-user. Proper communication requires documents (e.g. reports, manuals, web-pages, marketing materials) that are written in a language that is concise and easily understood by the proposed audience.

Seward Consulting Ltd can assist by providing Technical Writers who are:

Skilled at translating technical and scientific language into everyday terms allowing you to communicate with audiences of various backgrounds.
Able to create documents that are accurate, easily understood and end-user appropriate.
Experienced with a rich variety of document types including installation and configuration procedures, on-line help, software manuals, security and administration standards and procedures, proposals, requests for proposals, and qualifications documents, recruiting information and job descriptions, employee handbooks, process control specifications.
Knowledgeable using a variety of document formats and publication media (like the Internet).
Application Development
"Design, Architect, Engineer and Deploy"

As organizations attempt to differentiate themselves they often need custom software to assist them. While packaged software can fulfill an organization’s infrastructure needs, core business needs are often best supported by custom software. After due consideration, an organization may conclude that existing software packages do not effectively meet their needs. Therefore, they may need an application tailored to their specific requirements.

Seward Consulting Ltd. can assist you in pursuing your custom development needs by:

Utilizing a variety of methodologies each tailored to the project type and business size.
Drawing on existing familiarity with many industries including education, career development, law, medicine, hazardous waste, petrochemical, trucking, construction, membership and tourism.
Providing a diverse number of skills and expertise in a wide variety of technologies.
Offering expertise in many environments, from personal computers to mainframes.
Providing innovative solutions to complex, unusual or time-consuming problems
Project Management and Team Leadership
"Analyze, Estimate, Budget, and Resource"

Organizations are faced with multiple projects, varying degrees of urgency, and numerous stakeholders demanding an improved bottom line. Project management not only adds structure to this chaos, it increases the likelihood of project success defined as on time, on budget, and creating true business value.

Strong project management and team leadership will coordinate the various project members and stakeholders to accurately define, analyze, estimate, budget, resources and timelines to ensure delivery of a successful quality solution.

Seward Consulting Ltd. can assist you by:

Offering twenty plus years of experience managing successful projects.
Utilizing professional project management tools and methodologies.
Providing managers with superior leadership and interpersonal skills.
Consulting Services
"Solution selection, market research, and cost/benefit analysis"

In today’s complex technical environment it is difficult to know which way to go and what choices to make. It is often a good idea to get advice from an external agency that has a different or more in depth experience in a subject area.

Choosing the right software, market or strategic direction can often best be done by someone outside the organization, since they are less likely to have biases that are already prevalent in the organization.

Seward Consulting can assist your organization by:

Providing thoughtful recommendations that are free from existing organizational biases.
Providing a diverse number of skills and expertise in a wide variety of technologies.
Drawing on existing familiarity with many industries including education, career development, law, medicine, hazardous waste, petrochemical, trucking, construction, membership and tourism