The product information appearing below links directly to the respective websites of each 3rd party producer to provide you with the most current product information; however, it is important to note that Seward is an official value added reseller of many of the products listed in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Pacific-Northwest region of the United States.

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ScanSoft, Inc. is a leading developer of digital imaging software that enables users to leverage the power of their scanners, digital cameras and other electronic input devices. ScanSoft's products are based on patented optical character recognition (OCR) and image processing technologies. Scansoft products are designed to address the needs of a broad group of users ranging from consumers and small office/home office (SOHO) to medium-sized businesses and large corporations.


OmniPage Pro offers unsurpassed OCR accuracy by tieing the power of three OCR technologies into one powerful application. You can perform OCR on more types of documents faster and with fewer errors! Whether you're recognizing laser-quality documents, faxes, photocopies, magazines or reports, you'll be amazed at the results.
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Datawatch Corporation is a leading global provider of enterprise reporting solutions, data transformation tools and support center software that help organizations increase productivity, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage.


Datawatch's products include Monarch, a report mining application that unlocks data in legacy reports to provide business intelligence on the Windows desktop. Monarch is the leading product in the report mining category, and has been sold to more than 300,000 people at over 20,000 companies, institutions and government agencies worldwide. Monarch lets users access, analyze and redeploy data held in report files produced on any mainframe, midrange, client/server or PC system. By leveraging legacy reports and reporting systems, Monarch offers an evolutionary path for organizations that wish to move from hardcopy-based information delivery to true on-line information empowerment.

This product works well with OCR applications such as OmniPage and Adobe Capture for hard copy reports.
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