Since 1995, Seward Imaging Solutions has been helping organizations strive for success with knowledge management solutions. Below are some examples of the successes we have helped our clients achieve.

City of Calgary

The City of Calgary implemented an annual Market Assessment for all property types in 1999, as required by the Government of Alberta.

As part of the annual reassessment process, the City’s Assessment Business Unit had to update all records it had on Calgary properties to ensure property taxes were fair and equitable.

The Assessment Business Unit’s method of performing a massive customer survey in the past was very expensive and labor intensive. The traditional approach did not facilitate the re-using of tools, the flexibility of designing forms or rule-based data validation, and capitalization of web technology.

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Department of Learning (Gov. of AB)

The Apprenticeship & Industry Training division of the Alberta Department of Learning has been administering the province’s training of apprentices since the 1940's.

In the past, the time involved in design and execution of a survey took an average of 5 to 12 months.

It was recognized that the current survey process was a costly, time-intensive process.

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Calgary Health Region

The Calgary Health Region's Psychology Department offers adult and pediatric mental health services in a variety of clinics where clinicians perform individual, group and family therapy sessions.

Starting in 1998, a group of approximately 80 clinicians were to be required by Alberta Health to provide feedback about each of their patient visits. Due to the already high workload of clinicians, the data recording method had to be extremely efficient with their time, involve no manual data entry and had to yield entirely accurate data for Alberta Health.

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City and County of Honolulu

With a landmass of 1,555 square kilometers and a population totaling more than 872,000 residents, the Island of Oahu is the second largest of Hawaii’s 8 Islands. Oahu is governed by the City and County of Honolulu, which incorporated in 1907.

The island of Oahu is divided into 8 planning areas, and each planning area has a development plan. The Department of Planning and Permitting administrates the 8 development plans and guides development and improvement projects, zoning, population growth and land use over a 20+-year time span.

In early 1998, the Department of Planning and Permitting was in the midst of a reorganization which included an increased focus on accountability in customer service. The Department of Permitting and Planning decided that to improve customer service they needed to streamline their business processes. This required a flexible work management tool that included GIS and Document Management technologies, and mobile components for field workers.

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