At Seward Imaging Solutions, we are experts with knowledge management technologies. Our services range from solutions consulting to supplemental services such as training.


Our team members attend training offered by the various manufacturers of the products we carry, and these courses can cost thousands of dollars in seat fees and international travel and accomodations alone.

Seward Imaging Solutions offers local training courses in our bright and comfortable offices located in downtown Edmonton. Your staff are trained by individuals experienced in delivering real-world applications to various organizations with the products you will learn to use.

Our employees have been rigorously trained in-house and by the manufacturers of each of the products we carry. This cross-technology training program has enabled our product integration staff to gain valuable experience in-house.

The complexity of configuring and integrating the wide range of hardware and software we carry is made easy through our installation service. Whether you need one or more technologies configured to your operating environment, our installation service is quick, complete and hassle free.
We offer a support alternative to departments and organizations that are not in a position to maintain and support the knowledge managment solutions we provide.Seward offers hourly support packages, at a discounted rate for those customers that would prefer to work with a local product representative as their support provider.

Our product integration staff are focused on delivering the highest quality product maintenance and support. Whether the situation calls for troubleshooting or preventative maintenance, we stand behind the service we deliver.