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 Brooktrout Technology | Intel Dialogic

Brooktrout Technology delivers innovative hardware and software platforms that enable the development of New Network™ applications, systems and services in high growth market segments including voice over packet gateways, enhanced services platforms, wireless infrastructure, messaging, and contact centers.


Brooktrout Technology's TR114T Series of intelligent fax and voice boards have long been known as the "top of the line" for Computer Telephony applications including:

  • Network faxing
  • Broadcast fax services
  • Fax-on-demand
  • Interactive voice response
  • And more
Analog Fax Boards

Analog Fax Boards are the most basic means of fax transmission available today. Analog lines do not offer the high-performance of digital (e.g. ISDN) lines. Even so, analog lines may be the most appropriate and cost-effective choice for small- and medium-sized businesses with moderate fax requirements.

When ordering analog lines you may select either "DID" (Direct Inward Dial) or "Loop Start" analog lines; this will determine the type of faxing you will be able to do:

  1. Loop Start lines provide inbound or outbound faxing with manual inbound routing to the desktop. (Requires Loop Start TR114 boards)
  2. DID lines provide inbound only faxing with auto routing to each desktop. (Requires DID TR114 boards)
  3. For both inbound and outbound faxing with auto routing, connect DID and Loop Start lines to a mix of DID and Loop Start TR114 intelligent fax boards. Or, select a "Combination" DID and Loop Start TR114 analog fax board with both DID and Loop Start channels.

TR Series Analog Fax Boards

Model Loop Start Ports DID Ports List Price (USD)
TR114+uP2L 2 none $1,195


1 1 $2,150
TR114+uP2D* none 2 $2,150
TR114+uP4L 4 none $3,295
TR114+uP4C* 2 2 $3,495
TR114+uP4D* none 4 $3,495
Tellabs 8012 48vdc power supply for up to 6 DID trunks $125

*DID Tellabs Power Supply Required with analog DID boards

TrueFax Series Analog Fax Boards

Brooktrout's TruFax?Series is a line of intelligent fax boards that offer small to medium-sized businesses and departmental workgroups dependable fax capabilities for a variety of computer based fax applications, such as network fax and fax broadcast. The TruFax Series offers a level of reliability and fax performance that businesses can depend on at an economical price point for low volume fax traffic.

Model Loop Start Ports List Price (USD)
TruFax 100 uPCI 1 $399
TruFax 200 uPCI 2 $499


Digital Intelligent Fax Boards

The TR114 boards support advanced fax features including 14.4kbps transmission, MMR compression, Error Correction Mode, T.434 Binary File Transfer and Ultrafine resolution.

Model Channels Telephony Interface List Price (USD)
TR114+P2V 2 Digital Interface Card Required $1,850
TR114+P4V 4 Digital Interface Card Required $3,495
TR114+P8V 8 Digital Interface Card Required $6,195
TR114+P16V 16 Digital Interface Card Required $9,995

Digital Telephony Interface Cards

Model Channels Telephony Interface List Price (USD)
TRNIC+P24T 24 RBS/T1 $1,595
PRI-PCI24V 23 PRI/T1 $2,750
PRI-PCI32V 30 PRI/E1 $3,025
PRI-PCI48V 46 PRI/T1 $3,500
PRI-PCI64V 60 PRI/T1 $3,850

High Performance 33.6Kbps Intelligent Fax Boards

TR1034 is Brooktrout's latest generation of intelligent fax boards, offering capabilities and value beyond that of the very successful TR114T and TruFax?Series. The TR1034 delivers fast 33.6Kbps fax transmission speeds, up to 30 fax channels per board, and features an onboard T1/E1 interface-all with the performance and reliability that has made Brooktrout the world leader in intelligent fax boards.

Model Channels Description List Price (USD)
TR1034+P24H-T1 24 24-port v.34 Fax Board with in-board T1/PRI interface $17,490
TR1034+P16H-T1 16 16-port v.34 Fax Board with in-board T1/PRI interface $12,290
TR1034+P8H-T1 8 8-port v.34 Fax Board with in-board T1/PRI interface $7,495
TR1034+P30H-E1 30 30-port v.34 Fax Board with in-board E1/PRI interface $21,990
TR1034+P20H-E1 20 20-port v.34 Fax Board with in-board E1/PRI interface $15,590
TR1034+P16H-E1 16 16-port v.34 Fax Board with in-board E1/PRI interface $12,290
TR1034+P10H-E1 10 10-port v.34 Fax Board with in-board E1/PRI interface $8,450
TR1034+P8H-E1 8 8-port v.34 Fax Board with in-board E1/PRI interface $7,495

Intel® Dialogic® boards support the complete range of today's leading, yet proven, converged communications and computer telephony (CT) technologies.


These boards are ideal building blocks for developers building cost-effective, highly scalable, fax applications for telephone networks or the Internet.
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