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OTG Software, Inc. is a leading provider of online storage and data management solutions. Founded 1992, OTG established itself quickly by delivering real answers for real business needs.


The XtenderSolutions family of advanced software solutions offers you a complete suite for promoting the effective use of information across the enterprise.

XtenderSolutions support your entire organization with state-of-the-art, web-enabled solutions for document imaging and management, workflow, email management, and data storage management. XtenderSolutions deliver fast, impressive returns on investment by reducing technology costs, boosting user productivity and minimizing corporate risks.
Product Summary Storage Solutions
Content Solutions
Messaging Solutions
Integration OTG / Kofax Ascent

Alchemy is the producer of the family of products. Founded in 1992, privately-held IMR Alchemy is based in Englewood, Colorado and has more than 5,000 customers, including American Express, Boeing Aerospace, Chase Manhattan, First Data Corporation, General Electric and MCI.

An Alchemy solution allows you to combine and organize many different formats, such as computer reports, electronic documents and paper-based records, into a single repository that you can search. You provide open or secured access to the data for everyone in your business or throughout your partner network. Users choose how to access the information either via the Internet, LAN/WAN, Intranet or CD.
Product Summary Alchemy Gold
Alchemy Premium
Alchemy Web Server
Scan2 Module
Datagrabber Module
CAD2 Module
Alchemy ADE
Integration Alchemy / Verity TELEform
Alchemy / Captaris RightFAX
Alchemy / Kofax Ascent

The Document Company, Xerox provides solutions to help you manage documents - paper, electronic, online. Whether you run a small business, a global enterprise, or a home office, Xerox offers solutions to help you do more, faster, more easily.


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DocuShare is the Easy, Secure, Web-based Solution for Managing and Sharing Knowledge. DocuShare harnesses the power of the Web to bring true information sharing to every desktop, whether across the aisle or around the globe.
With FlowPort, you can integrate critical business information into electronic workflows. FlowPort enables the integration of paper documents with groupware, e-mail/messaging and document management systems.
Product Summary DocuShare Overview
DocuShare Detailed Product Info
DocuShare Requirements
DocuShare Application Stories
DocuShare Live
FlowPort Overview
FlowPort Requirements
Online Demo FlowPort Virtual Demo
Downloads DocuShare Trial Version
DocuShare Brochure (1,115 KB)
FlowPort Brochure (999 KB)

Since 1991, Open Text Corporation has delivered innovative software applications that bring people together to share knowledge, achieve excellence, deliver innovation, and enhance processes.


Livelink is a highly scalable collaborative knowledge management application that delivers Web-based intranet, extranet and c-commerce solutions. Livelink removes boundaries and connects you to what matters most. People.
Product Summary Product Overview
Enterprise Services
Success Stories
Integration Livelink Integration White Paper
Livelink / Verity TELEform
Livelink / Verity eForm Warehouse
Livelink / Kofax Ascent
Case Studies City of Calgary
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Documentum is the leading provider of content management solutions, with the proven experience and superior technology that uniquely qualifies them as content management experts. With offices around the world serving more than 1,200 of the top Global 2000 organizations, Documentum has established a tradition of excellence in meeting customer requirements since 1990.


Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform is an enterprise-wide content management solution that allows organizations to create, manage, personalize, and deliver trusted content on a global scale. Successful companies rely on Documentum 4i to maintain an effective online presence, ensure regulatory compliance, increase employee efficiency, and seize e-business opportunities worldwide.
Product Summary 4i eBusiness Platform Overview
4i WCM Edition
4i Portal CM Edition
4i B2B CM Edition
4i Compliance Edition
Product Glossary
Success Stories
Online Demo 4i eBusiness Platform Overview
Integration Documentum Integration Overview
Documentum / Kofax Ascent
Documentum / Lotus Notes
Documentum / SAP

Since 1982, FileNET has enabled organizations around the globe to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue by linking customers, partners and employees through efficient and flexible eBusiness processe


FileNET’s enterprise content management and collaborative commerce solutions allow organizations to realize increased productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability by empowering customers, business partners, suppliers, and employees to engage in business processes and exchange relevant content.
Product Summary FileNET Product Overview
FileNET Brightspire
FileNET Acenza
FileNET Panagon
Integration FileNET Integration Overview
FileNET Panagon / Kofax Ascent
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